The Wireloc, or Coloc nut

All metal locking nut for temperatures to 1200F

The ONLY locknut to use for structural or galvanized bolting

Available in Grade 7, ASTM A194 2H, Grade 8, Stainless, and any other exotic alloy

From 1/4" to 8", metrics and special threads

Ratcheting locking element, extreme vibration resistance,  once installed will not be removed


The Chamfer-Top, or Automotive style lock nut, is a one piece, of an all metal construction

Excellent vibration resistance

Temperatures up to 1500F

Manufactured in 422 sst, A286, Steel, Stainless, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, and other alloys

M45913/2 ; M45913/4 ; DFARs compliant

Screw Machine Products

Precision Screw machines to run small, technical parts, in large volume

Spacers, Standoffs, Sex bolts, Machine Screws, Nuts, Eyelets

Manufactured to your specifications

Made in the USA

Twelve Points

12 point nuts, locking and non-locking.

High-tensile, space saving design, with capabilities for extreme wrench torque

Exotic alloys, Inconel, A286, 422 stainless, 8740,H-11, Duplex steels, titanium

Conforming to NAS1805,NAS1804, GE# N271   N272

Manufactured in the USA

Metrics and specials, from 10-32 to 8"

Nylon Insert Locknut

Most suited locknut where high reliability is a must

Vibration resistance second to none

Temperatures up to 500F with Vespel ® high temperature insert

NE, NU, NTE, NTU, heavy, finish and thin patterns, Metrics and specials, from 00-80 to 8" nuts

Different grades of insert material available for different corrosive environments

​M45913/1    M45913/3    MS21044    MS17828   MS17829


The FlexSlot™ is a one piece, all metal design, temperatures available up to 1500F with nickel alloy

Excellent vibration resistance

High-tensile design

Heavy and finish, thins also available. Metrics and specials, from 4-40 to 8"

Now stocking Grade B and Grade C heat treated steel parts.

​MS21045   MS21046   974A0953


A sample of SPC Threaded's products can be viewed below. Any locknut below can be provided to meet your application, or your special design can also be quoted. Metric or standard, coarse, fine, or special threads

Our self locking nuts can be made in Titanium, Aluminum, Inconel, Monel, 18-8 stainless, 316 stainless, Hastealloy, Nickel Alloys, Grade 8, Class 8, Class 10, Class 12, 17-4, H1025,H1150, Brass, and many more

Multiple inorganic and electro-deposited coatings available. Including Silver, Cadmium, Zinc, Nickel

Didn't see a locknut suited for your application? Have special requests such as Mil-Spec nuts, DFARs compliant nuts, RoHS compliant nuts, 100% domestic nuts, or special finishes? Click the Contact Us button below and allow us to assist!

Allen Nuts

Manufactured in the USA

12 point, hexagon, or special recess' available

422 sst, A286, Steel, Stainless and other alloys available

From 10-32 to 8", metrics and specials available

Fuji Lock

Used commonly in automotive and rail applications

​Excellent locknut for quick assembly

​Can be configured with domed cap, flange nut, or standard hexagon style

Barrel Nuts, or Cradle nuts

Available with nylon insert or all metal locking element

Floating design eliminates user error

Manufactured to customer print, or to NAS577 standards

Manufactured in Inconel, A286, 17-4PH, or Alloy Steel

From 10-32 to 5", metrics and specials

Manufactured in the USA